The Well


Why We Exist

Empowering + advancing black women at work through community.

Why does The Well exist? Because Black women crave community at work:

  • We’re underrepresented in the workplace
  • We’re undervalued as entrepreneurs
  • We’re underpaid as artists, freelancers + creatives

The Well is our opportunity to support each other’s work, help each other thrive, and build valuable social capital. This isn’t “networking.” At The Well, we’re putting real relationships + community at the heart of work.

We believe in #CollaborationOverCompetition and #CommunityOverEverything. Whether you’re breaking the glass ceiling at your 9-to-5, launching or scaling the next billion-dollar startup, or using your creativity and talents to help brands shine bright (or you’re an ambitious mix of all three), don’t be discouraged when the world doesn’t celebrate your magic. We’ll be your support system, your cheerleaders, your squad. Your TRIBE.

What We Do

Connect. Collaborate.

We Empower Women Of Color To Connect + Collaborate With Each Other In Three Ways:

  • Co-Working that Caters to Black Women: We love seeing the rise of women-focused co-working spaces, but very few of these spaces intentionally appeal to our unique sensibilities. We host virtual and in-person co-working sessions, and we’re also opening co-working + community spaces of our own in hub cities across the globe. What we’re building is like nothing you’ve seen before, and we can’t wait to show you our first space!
  • In-person Gatherings: We create space for dope Black women who are doing dope things! We host co-working sessions and engaging workshops that help our members thrive in their careers. But it isn’t all work and no play—we host fun social events in our hub cities, and we love a good happy hour!
  • Virtual Community:  Our virtual TRIBE is everything! Members of The Well get together for informal video chats at least once a month, check in with each other daily on our private Slack, and message each other directly through our members-only website.

Krystal Scott

Krystal is a creative and an advocate, and she’s passionate about creating space for women of color to thrive. For over ten years Krystal worked to change government policies impacting the health of low-income communities, older adults and people with disabilities. In her twenties, she became the director of her own department, and understands far too well how it feels to be “the only one.”

In an effort to build community with like-minded women and have a more creative outlet outside of work, Krystal started blogging in 2008. As a blogger and influencer, Krystal met tons of dope Black women doing dope things—women she wouldn’t have met if she hadn’t gone out and looked for community outside of the office. Krystal’s experience inspired her to leave her policy career in 2017 to build The Well and focus on creating a space where Black women could connect + collaborate with each other and build community that they may not have at work.

Krystal lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter, and she’s also a proud advocate for women entrepreneurs at Rent the Runway Foundation.


Chasity Cooper

A communications strategist, journalist and creative consultant, Chasity Cooper believes there’s power in community, owning your truth, and choosing how to tell your story. Professionally she specializes in developing social media and editorial strategies for small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. On a personal level, she is driven to uplift and elevate the stories and purpose of her peers who are daring, bold and relentless.

Originally from Chicago, Chasity is proud to call Brooklyn her new home. She’s also a red wine connoisseur, and writes about wine in her weekly newsletter, a Justin Timberlake stan, and a Slack ninja.

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